Program Pairs Kids with Highly Trained Coaches for One on One Sessions

 Sports and Exercise Are Proven to Help Kids and Teens with Fitness, Mental Acuity, Self Esteem and Social Engagement

Summer camps are canceling programs every day … Online school ends in June … And parents are struggling with children stuck inside and few outdoor activities to engage their interest. 

The solution? Elite Method, a concierge-style private coaching program that combines sports, fitness and social-emotional skills development through one-on-one sessions with highly trained coaches.  This combination of both “mind and body” coaching has been proven to improve physical and mental health, cognitive abilities, self-esteem and social skills. Elite Method will get kids and teens outdoors after three months of stay-in-orders. It’s a much needed lifeline for parents worried about their childrens’ physical and mental health.

“We announced Elite Method in the spring, before the outbreak, but this crisis made our mission even more meaningful. Now it’s not just an option, but a necessity,” said Rachel  Dube, a child development expert who created the program with her husband Michael. “Now, with school finished for the year and many summer camps closed, participating in outdoor physical activity is essential. We have to keep our kids’ bodies and minds healthy and strong. 

“I think we are going to see some really sobering effects of kids being stuck indoors for months,” added Michael, a master trainer, youth coach and motivational speaker. “Their bodies are weaker and their social confidence is waning. They need fresh air and some time away from their families. Our coaches are mentors who will motivate them, guide them and give them individual attention that so many of them are craving .That’s what Elite Method was founded on, and we are the only program offering this kind of unique partnership.”

Elite Method operates throughout the Tri-State area, offering  90 minute sessions of one-on-one time with its highly trained and pre-screened coaches. Whether in the backyard or park, the coach works with each child/ teen by creating customized programs to improve their physical and mental fitness, self-esteem and social skills. During the session, children may do a variety of things including sports fundamentals, strengthening and endurance drills, mindfulness/ meditation exercises, listening and focus games and social skills development.

“Our coaches are truly the heart and soul of our business,” says Michael. “They have a variety of backgrounds and experiences including  PhD’s and grad students, physical education instructors, mental health workers, personal trainers and teachers. They all have years of experience working and relating with children of various ages and skill levels, and they all have an advanced level of athleticism and knowledge on how to teach children sports and fitness properly.”

Elite Method’s practices are backed by research and science, in addition to the Dube’s years of in-practice experience. 

“The world has changed so much in the past few decades and kids are facing more challenges now than ever particularly due to the popularity of social media and technology. Its effects are far reaching and pervasive,” said Dr. Marla Baum, a respected child neuropsychologist and member of the Elite Method Advisory Board. “Children today play less outside and experience less face-to-face socialization. This has contributed to the growing obesity epidemic as well as an uptick in social anxieties and depression. Bullying has also become a serious issue and many kids are not being taught the tools and strategies needed to overcome this onslaught of challenges. I am thankful this program exists so we can offer support and solutions while the children are still young. Successful intervention can literally change the trajectory of a child’s life.”

Elite Method is offering a special, 20 percent discount on packages of 20 or more sessions during the summer months.  It is also  offering sessions in the Hamptons throughout the summer, catering to families who left the Tri-State area during the virus outbreak and plan to stay through the season.

“After all, there are kids everywhere who will greatly benefit from our program. In fact, we’ve even had adults asking to join. But we love kids too much; so, we are sticking with our plan!” laughs Rachel.

 Elite Method plans to introduce their program  to other markets, including Miami, LA, Chicago and Dallas in the coming months.

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