Rinna Beauty Partners with Amazon Marketplace

Beauty Brand Juggernaut Takes Modern Approach to Reach Consumers

Rinna Beauty has signed with Packable, a leading U.S. third party marketplace retailer, to expand its visibility and reach a broader consumer base by leveraging Amazon marketplace. The e-commerce behemoth has become one of the top destinations for clients looking to discover beauty brands, as the market continues its shift from brick-and-mortar to digital platforms. Since its inception in 2020, Rinna Beauty has only been available on its proprietary site.  This new partnership will expose the brand to clients who shop Amazon, and they will be able to easily add Rinna Beauty to their carts and receive fast delivery in a seamless process including shopping at the Rinna Beauty Storefront on Amazon.com.

“I am excited to have a store on Amazon as the next step in growing this business,” says brand founder Lisa Rinna. “I just want everyone look and feel their best, and now Amazon is helping us do that by bringing beauty right to their doors.

Cheryl Krakow, President of SEL Beauty, distributor of Rinna Beauty shares, “We are immensely proud to partner with Packable, knowing that they deliver exceptional service in a timely manner, and will allow us to grow our business even further.  The success of rinnabeauty.com has wildly exceeded our expectations and leveraging a partnership to sell on Amazon will maximize product accessibility efficiently to a new client base.”

Since its launch two years ago, Rinna Beauty has become an industry sensation and word-of-mouth hit with consumers for the formulation of its lip products. Lisa Rinna is iconic for pioneering the full lip look back in the 1980s, which has since been adapted by women all over the world, creating a market for clients looking for products to emulate her look. The brand is notable for its ICON Lip Kits, which feature a complete lip look including lipstick, liner, and gloss, and, in an ever-expanding product portfolio, released a line of lip plumper’s this spring, which garnered heavy media coverage. As Lisa Rinna is iconic for her lips, she has proved to be the authoritative voice in lip beauty.

Rinna Beauty formulas are 100% vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and absent of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.  It has been certified as cruelty-free by Cruelty-Free Kitty, an industry watchdog that certifies that animals were not used in the production process.


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