Forget boring ties, boozy brunches and gift cards that will never get redeemed. This Father’s Day give dad something he doesn’t have to pretend to enjoy.

Like the harrowing, true story account of a group of spies who helped set the stage for the D-Day invasion. The twist? They were women! Sarah Rose’s best-selling book “D-Day Girls: The Spies who Armed the Resistance, Sabotaged the Nazis and Helped Win WW11” is already in its fifth printing and becoming the beach-read of summer. The book focuses on the inspiring, dramatic story of three of the women who were recruited to, as Winston Churchill ordered, “set Europe ablaze” and infiltrate from within. In 1940, a year into World War II, Britain was locked in a battle for its continued existence. The Prime Minister needed a way to infiltrate the Continent, so he created a secret agency, the Special Operations Executive (SOE). But with most soldiers at war, he had run out of men. So, he turned to an untapped source for his elite spies. “These women broke barriers, smashed taboos, and altered the course of history,” says author Rose. “They were sent undercover, so they never expected glory, and their story was classified for almost seventy years after the war. On the seventy-fifth anniversary of D-Day, it is an honor to tell their story.” 

Keep pops looking hot with FLY, a new grooming brand that brings a retro, classic twist to men’s lifestyle. Featuring two hair pomades, shaving creem, scented candle and a stylish leather Dopp kit, FLY evocative of rugged Hollywood legends like Steve McQueen and the classic masculine elegance of modern-day marquee idols. The FLY No. 4 Shaving Creem features silicon and cocoa butter, as well as Vitamin E that add a smooth, stylish touch. “It has to be seamless and painless, but also feel good,” says founder Ted Hoffman. “Our Shave Creem, FLY No.4 does all that, and then some.” Similarly, the FLY Pomades No. 1 and 2 “are a great finishing touch to any haircut/hairstyle,” Hoffman adds. “They have a firm hold and enticing scent.”

A subscription to Scentbird’s monthly fragrance and beauty deliveries will have him smelling fresh, too. From Acqua Di Parma to Burberry, Bvlgari, Dolce Gabana and Prada, Scentbird features more than 700 brands in its collection.

Raising children can stress any parent, but they don’t have to look it. Cutting-edge, organic skin care products from the UK-based brand Heaven will give dad a youthful glow no matter what trouble the kids are up to. Created by Deborah Mitchell, Heaven’s men’s line is popular with celebrities, athletes and even a royal or two. The O2 Eye Cream is a foolproof remedy to ease fine lines and wrinkles while brightening any dad’s eyes. Or, have him try the Heaven Black Bee Venom Mask, which will give him a soft, supple and youthful complexion. “It’s the one cream that totally transforms your skin, similar to injectables such as Botox,” says Mitchell. “The skin believes it’s been stung so the muscles and lines relax. It’s a miracle cream. It’s all the power you need.” And the best way to maintain healthy skin? Hydrate! Heaven’s best-selling, non-greasy M4M Anti-Ageing Moisturizer is all he’ll need to start his day looking fresh.

He may look less stressed, but does he feel it? An afternoon listening to the classic sounds from violinist Charlie Siem will put anyone at ease and make them relax. The British musician is one of the most respected virtuosos on stage, having performed with the world’s most famous orchestras and conductors. He’s also a pop culture phenomenon, often appearing on stage with stars like Lada Gaga, Bryan Adams and the Who. Siem, whose album Under the Stars (Sony) was a rare classical music hit, has also been featured in campaigns for Dior, Armani and Dunhill.

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