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LimitLysst is a Highly Curated Selection of Fashions and Accessories from Lyss Stern, a Mom of Three who Survived COVID-19 and knew it was time to PIVOT

With the 2020 meltdown on peoples’ minds and a heated election just weeks away, a new line of masks and baseball caps encouraging women to vote and take charge of their lives in 2020 is making its debut on LimitLysst, a just-launched InstaStore by DivaMoms creator Lyss Stern, a mom of three who survived COVID-19 this past spring. Deeply rooted in women’s empowerment initiatives, whether at the voting booth or in their own businesses, LimitLysst has partnered with Jodi’s Gift, an online retailer selling highly personalized gifts and other exquisite products, to debut the masks and hats, which bear messages like  #MomsVote, #GlammasVote #BooSheet and #Pivot. The items are for sale for $25 on the InstaStore, which also features a highly curated selection of fashions and accessories sold by women entrepreneurs.

 “If anything, 2020 has shifted our priorities and shown us what’s most important in our lives,” says Stern, who created LimitLysst earlier this year to help promote female-owned businesses navigating the global shutdown. “Our lives have drastically changed since March. Our schedules and routines have been drastically altered. This affects what we wear, what we need, and who we see, where we go and what we do.”

 Chief among that, says Stern, is speaking up and taking ownership. With so much at stake this election — the presidency, Supreme Court, LGBTQ rights, Roe V. Wade and the legacy of pioneers like RBG — the DivaMoms creator sought to incorporate some kind of messaging on LimitLysst that would inspire people to share their voice, and remind women that the power to change and #pivot is within their grasp.

 “The status quo is the status NO,” says Stern. “We do not have to accept any of this. We have the power to change. And I think this is a good message to impart through LimitLysst. Instead of saying or screaming it, you can wear it. Which I think is so much more effective.” 

Stern was inspired to create LimitLysst after the COVID shut down. Her DivaMoms brand, known nationally for its events and brand collaborations, was forced to #Pivot when social-distancing orders locked much of the country down.

 “I saw that many other women were also using this time to change course, get creative and start the most amazing businesses out of their apartments and homes,” Stern says. That inspired her to do the same, but with a twist. She would create an online store that would help those women sell their creation.

 LimitLysst offers shoppers a fun, chic and affordable collection of products that people feel good about buying. “We collaborate with women owned businesses to showcase special on-trend curated pieces through our partnerships. Our goal is to support women during these particularly uncertain times.” This week she is also launching VOTE crayons for kids of all ages with Cre8iveCrayons and Mamas Vote/NYC Strong vintage inspired necklaces and bracelets from Strung By Ashley.

 “There are enough regrets in life,” says Stern. “Don’t regret not buying that bauble or trinket that will put a smile on your face, brighten your day and make you feel good, especially without some expensive price tag attached. You can feel confident that you are purchasing chic, trendy, fun and affordable items. It’s not a purchase you need to consult with your spouse about without worrying you’ll go over budget.”

 It’s just one of the benefits of LimitLysst

 “We not only care about other women, but we want to help other females succeed,” says Stern. “We have the power to be who and what we want to be. Make yourself happy. Make yourself heard.” This is the year about the Pivot (we need to change and make change). 

 LimitLysst is also donating a percentage of sales each month to a different charity Stern is passionate about. This month the charity is BCRF ( Breast Cancer Research Foundation)

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