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 Multi-Hyphenate Talent (Actress! Designer! Author! Host! Housewife!) Brings Her Unmistakable Look, Life and Style to New Brand, Starting with Lipstick Kit 

The Original “Lip Pioneer” Partners with SEL Beauty to Launch New Collection,

Debuting this November

It’s the pout that has melted a million hearts and made Lisa Rinna a household name. Though known as an accomplished actress, designer, author, host and (Real) housewife, Lisa’s lips are her signature, a trend she started long before Hollywood’s biggest stars copied the look on the red carpet. Now, after more than a decade in the making, she is bringing her style public with Rinna Beauty, an all exclusive, 100-percent vegan and paraben-free collection of products that are also PETA-certified cruelty free. Not surprisingly, the brand is launching this November with Lisa’s Lip ICON kit, featuring different shades of lipstick, gloss and liner. The line is a collaboration with SEL Beauty, a creator of iconic beauty brands, and will be available at WWW.RINNABEAUTY.COM  

“Rinna Beauty is me,” says Lisa. “It’s taking everything that I’ve ever known and learned in my life, whether I’ve been on camera or off. What’s great about Rinna Beauty is I don’t have to fit into any mold. There’s nothing holding me back from creating exactly what I love and what works for me. And then of course, the sky is the limit. I see Rinna Beauty as a true lifestyle brand.”

The collection, steeped in the quality and style of houses like Chanel, Tom Ford and MAC, launches in November with Lisa’s “LIP ICON” lip kit, featuring lipstick, gloss and liner. The brand is introducing three iconic nude shade kits — “Birthday Suit,” “Legends Only,” and “No Apologies” — that includes Lisa’s signature shades.

“I’m starting out with a lip kit because I am the lip pioneer,” she says with a wink and a nod. “I get asked a lot what lip color I’m wearing and where people can find it. And I thought, ‘Why am I not doing this on my own?”

There will be three shades of lipstick (“Rosé All Day,” “Troublemaker” and “Pucker Up, B!tch”) and lip gloss (“No Filter,” “Dancing Queen” and “Guilty Pleasure”), and the “Notice Me” liner will be available within every kit. Lisa was intimately involved with every product, trying samples, tweaking formulas, testing colors, textures and how long they last. She sent several samples back and embraced every aspect of the launch, from ingredients to packaging and marketing.”

“We had to go through a few iterations,” Lisa says. “I’m very specific about what I like. I know exactly the lip gloss and the consistency and the texture. Does it have fragrance, does it not? Does it have a taste, does it not? And I will say that, when you really want something and you know what you want, the more specific you are, the better.”

Rinna Beauty will expand its collection in 2021 with new beauty products, to be announced.

Lisa has thought about starting her own beauty brand for more than a decade but never found the right partners or the level of quality she felt comfortable putting her name to. Though she has opened a retail store, created a clothing line on QVC, written books, hosted shows and joined the cast of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” starting a line of cosmetics was something that alluded her for years. Until now.

“Starting Rinna Beauty is something that has taken forever but we finally did it,” Lisa says. “I never gave up. I had many different opportunities to do a beauty line and it never worked out. I’m talking 10-15 years of wanting to do this and it just kept not happening. And I thought, well, maybe I’m not meant to do a beauty line … maybe I should just focus on my clothing line. And then I met the team from SEL Beauty and voila, here we are.”

“Lisa is that rare talent that truly owns her style,” says Cheryl Krakow, Founder and President of SEL Beauty. “She is comfortable in her own skin, and that confidence radiates beauty inside and out. Lisa’s unmistakable look is emulated around the world, and the warmth and relatability she exudes has endeared her to millions. She is a natural choice to partner with in launching a new line and we are so excited to join her in introducing Rinna Beauty.”

Adds Lisa: “I envision this to be the most inclusive beauty line ever. And I’m talking across the board, every single human on the planet could use Rinna Beauty. How about that?”

In the realm of Hollywood, few can boast such an enduring and prolific career as Lisa. With her exotic looks, prodigious talent, infectious energy and savvy business acumen, she has become one of the most recognizable faces in entertainment, having starred on shows like “Days of Our Lives,” Melrose Place,” “Dancing with the Stars” and most recently the Bravo series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”  Lisa is also a frequent guest host on “LIVE with Kelly & Ryan,” and has filled in for  Anderson Cooper on his eponymous talks show “Anderson.” She also starred on Broadway as Roxie Hart in the 2007 revival of the classic “Chicago” at the Ambassador Theater, after performing in the show’s national tour.

Her chic, sexy style caught the attention of QVC, which worked with the actress in launching Lisa Rinna Collection,” inspired by her breezy, West Coast aesthetic. The line was an off shoot of the Belle Gray boutique, a clothing store (named after her daughters Delilah Belle and Amelia Gray) ran for 10 years.

An accomplished New York Times best-selling author, Lisa also has released three books, including The Big Fun Sexy Sex Book, Starlit and Rinnavation, which reveals her best kept secrets for staying fit, managing weight, looking beautiful, feeling sexy and living the best life possible. As a fitness fanatic, Lisa also released a series of exercise DVDs for Warner Home Video called “Lisa Rinna: Dance Body Beautiful,” all of which offer unique high energy cardio workouts created by Lisa and “Dancing with the Stars” choreographer, Louis van Amstel.

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