SUMMER 2.0!!! 


Maker of Fashion’s Most Chic Bags for the “Woman on the Go” Embraces the Extended Season with Classic Styles and Summer Traditions

             It may be 100 degrees outside, but did you know summer has barely a month left to go? Pshhhh! Go Dash Dot, the maker of sleek, stylish and functional bags for women, today announces it is officially extending the season through Oct. 31. Not by legislation, referendum or executive order, but a vote among Go Dash Dot staff because “2020 has been rough, and people need extra time to relax, breathe, dream and savor the good in life,” says founder Hannah Fastov.  So, keep that grill fired up, surfboard polished, swimsuits dry and your Go Dash Dot bags filled because Summer 2.0 has officially begun.

            “Go Dash Dot is associated with the active woman-about-town who is ready for any occasion, but we’re giving her a break this summer,” Fastov says. “With so much of life still on hold, we thought it’s the ideal time to give people more time for themselves, families and peace-of-mind.”

            The fashion decree, “Resolution Summer 2.0,” was agreed to by the Go Dash Dot team over a spirited Zoom call. They then alerted President Trump of the decision by Tweet.

            “Changing the official calendar was not a decision made lightly,” said Fastov. “But so much of 2020 was taken away from us, so we thought we’d give something back. And frankly, we’re not sure anyone in Washington will notice anyway. So, you’re welcome, America. Now kick those feet back up.”

And as any savvy designer would, Fastov and her team are suggesting summer’s greatest traditions be matched with the brand’s most popular styles.

  “Any trip to the beach is made better by the Go Dash Dot Iridescent Easy Tote, which can fit all your essentials: sunscreen, towel, sunnies, treats, phone and beach reads,” suggests Fastov. While the Go Dash Dot staff frowns on laptops on the sand, the Tote can fit that, too. Just don’t work too hard. It’s Summer 2.0, after all. Don’t be a downer.

            Clam bake on the beach? The Go Dash Dot Crossbody will have everybody talking. “It keeps your hand free and holds everything you need,” says Fastov.

            Nature walk? Hike? Brisk run through the park? The Go Dash Dot Denim Backpack is your perfect accessory to carry your sneakers, water bottle, towel, and essentials. “This bag is light, stylish and roomy,” says Fastov. 

            A weekend trip to the shore, country or mountains positively screams for the Go Dash Dot Mint Chip Puffle, which sounds like a delicious treat at the ice cream parlor but ,in reality, is one of the brand’s most popular bag styles. “The Puffle can fit almost anything, including your clothes, shoes, laptop, toiletries and anything else you need for the quick get-away,” Fastov advises.

Go Dash Dot was founded in 2016  by Fastov, who has previously worked in product development and merchandising with Brooks Brothers and Rag and Bone. She sought to create a stylish line of bags for women that could serve multiple purposes: work, social engagements, gym, travel and other activities in a busy woman’s life. “It had to be fashionable, function and timeless” was the mission, Fastov said. She and her small team went to work creating several styles, including totes, backpacks, crossbodies and the signature “puffle,” which she imagined as a re-imagined duffel worn as a hand or shoulder bag or crossbody. The bags are thoroughly unique, featuring a separate compartment for footwear, padded laptop section, a snap in snap out pouch that can be worn as a crossbody or belt bag, laundry pouch, cell phone pocket, tons of additional pockets and compartments, and completely machine washable. They also come in a variety of colors. “The Go Dash Dot woman is active, ambitious, and fun loving. One adventure leads to the next and she needs a bag that can keep up with her,” Fastov says.

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