NEW YORK – Fitness is illusory. We might have a hazy outline of our aspirational self in mind, but what are we becoming ‘fit’ enough to do? Fitness first meant being well suited to thrive in one’s environment. NYLO, TriBeCa’s first fitness and lifestyle design studio, will help you define your fitness, design your environment, and achieve your aspiration.

“Our society is not set up to encourage health,” says co-founder Sean Cronin.  “At NYLO, we take a look at every aspect of your life as a whole. Your mind, your body, and how you interact with the world. BIO – PSYCHO – SOCIAL.  We facilitate natural systems of movement, nutrition, and mindful relationships with ourselves and others to build strength and resilience.”

NYLO’s Tribeca location will transform you from the moment you enter. Once you enter the lobby you will feel a sense of Zen. The tranquil room will be your first step towards clearing and focusing your mind to transform intention into action. NYLO’s first request is to deposit your shoes in the lockers provided to help you leave the streets of Manhattan behind until it’s time to go. Members can browse an array of sustainable, organic products from local producers for purchase, along with the option to sign up for seasonal farm deliveries filled with healthy nutritious food to enjoy at home. Products will be sourced from local regenerative farmers and include fruits, vegetables, meat, and honey.

Further on is the private training studio. The open floor layout is used for bodyweight training, mobility practice, and weightlifting.  NYLO’s equipment includes barbells, kettlebells, manual cardio machines, bamboo bars, and more. NYLO trainers plus one client will be the only people on this floor at a time. This allows for a level of intimacy, focus, and vulnerability that is impossible to achieve at a traditional gym. Sessions offered will be in 60-or 90-minute increments. Beyond physical fitness, founders Cronin and Elena Sokina, also a highly sought-out personal trainer, will design a lifestyle that builds new behaviors and an environment that encourages those behaviors stick.

“Privacy helps clients feel more at ease when weighing in, reviewing food journals, or discussing challenges they are experiencing,” says Sokina.  “Keeping the number of people to a minimum in the gym removes many distractions especially the fear of COVID carriers, which has been a challenge for most traditional gyms.” 

The inspiration behind NYLO is being the change the industry needs. Beyond less wait time for machines, and clean spaces, Cronin and Sokina wanted to refocus on what matters most – increasing people’s health span and their quality of life. 

“The key thing we do better than anyone else is looking at the whole picture,” noted Cronin. “Your fitness is not limited to squats and protein. It’s about getting you to live as long and healthfully as possible. Free to move, free from pain, and free to love your look.”         

The third floor offers space available for lease to outside personal trainers to work with their clients. For a fee of just $50 a session, trainers can bring their clients to NYLO for a private gym experience. No more than 10 guests will be allowed on this floor at a time. A similar array of equipment will be available for clients using the third floor.

Both Cronin and Sokina were involved in fitness early on. Cronin began coaching in Seoul, Korea while teaching English abroad. Sokina won the Moscow Instructors Cup in Snowboarding. They met in 2016 at Equinox where they were both instructors.

“NYLO interprets fitness as overall wellbeing.” Cronin states. “We are offering an alternative to a traditional gym by providing a clear science-based approach to the body. We integrate the best practices in various disciplines, from yoga to weight training and massage. We take a comprehensive look at who you are physically, psychologically, socially. And we build the most effective physical training, nutrition and lifestyle design to keep you thriving as much and as long as possible.”

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