Popular Brooklyn Studio Also Opening for Private Sessions, in Full Compliance with COVID-19 Safety Measures

Aline Pilates — the studio athletes, celebrities, business leaders and fitness enthusiasts call home — announced today it has added weekend kids’ classes and pre/post-natal to its online menu. The new sessions bring Aline’s digital offerings to 35 different classes per week, including traditional Pilates, stretching/ restoring, On-demand sessions and a full archive of classes people can access anytime. In addition, Aline’s Brooklyn studio will be open for reformer and tower sessions, in full compliance with COVID-19 safety precautions. The sessions are limited to 25 percent of the studio’s capacity.

“Since the pandemic, Aline has put an emphasis on our online programs so people could continue their Pilates training at home,” says founder Carey Macaleer. “We were so excited to see not only our clientele sign up, but new people found Aline and began Pilates courses. In such a stressful, uncertain time, it was extremely important for us to continue our programs, as Pilates is a proven method to improve both mental and physical health, and flexibility, as well as reduce anxiety and stress.”

“Additionally,” Macaleer continues, “we have re-opened our studio for a very limited number of sessions for in-person training, including reformer and tower experiences. Our clients can expect the customization, attention and expertise they always find at Aline and with all the safety measures to protect against COVID. Health first has always been one of our core principles.”

Aline’s children’s classes take place on Saturdays, starting at 9am for children 6-9 and 10am for 10-13-year-olds. Both classes, taught by Aline instructor Kendra Culley, are $15 per family for the 45-session. Younger kids will enjoy beginner Pilates exercises mixed with storytelling, fun exercises and even a role for their stuffed animals, while children in the 10am classes will get some cardio, stretching, strengthening and breath work included in their Pilates experience.

Aline has also added Saturday and Wednesday pre-and-post natal online classes to help women through their pregnancies. Limited to just five students per class, the 50-minute classes focus on pelvic exercises to prepare for childbirth and also exercises that prevent injuries and discomfort. Classes are $25 individually or $110 for a package of five.

Finally, Aline has added in-studio tower/ reformer sessions for $45.

Tailored, Classical, Splendid. Aline tailors its sessions to meet clients’ needs. Some of its classes are purely classical but others have a contemporary flavor; regardless, all stay true to the Joe Pilates Method. Since its opening four years ago, Aline has become a haven for the most seasoned practitioners, fitness enthusiasts and those just looking for a life change. The studio provides the most expert, seasoned training for a bursting clientele who come to attain “Strength for Life,” a mantra and mission statement Macaleer follows. She believes it’s an essential part of giving clients the tools to maintain their well-being, including physical strength, health and peace of mind.

“We have a firm belief that by introducing Pilates into people’s everyday routines, they will become stronger both mentally and physically,” says Macaleer, a former dancer who discovered the practice at 12-years old. “We have an incredibly diverse group of clients from all walks of life and ages, from teens to seniors, and our hope is that we can open their eyes to a sustainable Pilates program that will exist outside of our studio walls. We aim to give them a roadmap for keeping their bodies’ strong over their entire life. As teachers we all work hard to keep synergy for the student.”

Discovered by Joseph Pilates during the eve of the 20th century, Pilates has proven to be a resilient practice that emphasizes alignment and breathing while developing a strong core (abdominals, hips, and low back) and improving coordination and balance. Macaleer and her highly experienced, passionate teachers help clients achieve this through six distinct principles: breath, concentration, control, precision, center and flow.

“Pilates helps you to learn how to engage certain muscle groups that may not be firing so the body works evenly and systematically helping to improve balance, flexibility and deep core strength,” she says.

Macaleer is not only a trained practitioner, coach and teacher, she is an entrepreneur who is giving voice to female entrepreneurs. “Aline is a woman-owned small business, and it’s important we be a part of our community,” says Macaleer. A portion of proceeds from Macaleer’s Saturday 9am class goes to support Brooklyn not-for-profit organizations West Brooklyn Mutual Aid  ( ) and Heights and Hills (, which are both assisting local neighborhoods through the pandemic. 

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