Studio to Blend In-Person Training with Expanded Online Sessions, Giving its Clientele the Most Comprehensive Menu in Brooklyn 

Safety Measures and Precautions, including Distancing and Masks, will be Observed

            Aline Pilates, the most customized fitness experience in Brooklyn led by expert trainer Carey Macaleer, today announced the re-opening of its studio after five months of online-only classes during the COVID shut down. Led by founder Carey Macaleer, Aline now offers a full menu that mixes in-person, outdoor and online sessions starting Sept 5. Following strict re-opening guidelines, Macaleer and her instructors are limiting studio visits to four people at a time, and semi-privates to only three. It has also followed state regulations in terms of distancing, disinfecting and other safety protocols. All instructors will wear masks and will take temperatures of those entering the studio. Additionally, Aline clients will be separated by no less than six feet while doing their sessions. You can learn more about its safety measures at

            “We’re so excited to re-open after nearly six months of closing the studio,” said Macaleer. “Pilates is such an important part of physical and mental health and to meet our clients in person to continue their training is very important to their wellness and well-being. Of course, we are also following strict guidelines to ensure our visitors remain safe and healthy at all times.”

            Aline was one of the first Pilates practitioners to pivot to streaming its classes, which helped it retain its loyal followers. It also attracted new clients, who took advantage of group one-on-ones, On-Demand and an archive of taped sessions by Aline trainers.

            “The COVID shut down gave us the opportunity to really look at our menu and schedules and create new at-home opportunities for people to continue or begin Pilates training,” Macaleer said. “Online learning is the ‘new normal’ and it was vital that we expand and enhance what we were offering online to satisfy our clients and help attract new ones. We are going to continue to offer both options.”

            Customers can book sessions through Aline’s website, or by emailing They can also call the studio at 917.273.9100

Since its opening four years ago, Aline has become a haven for the most seasoned practitioners, fitness enthusiasts and those just looking for a life change. The studio provides the most expert, seasoned training for a bursting clientele who come to attain “Strength for Life,” a mantra and mission statement Macaleer follows. She believes it’s an essential part of giving clients the tools to maintain their well-being, including physical strength, health and peace of mind.

“We have a firm belief that by introducing Pilates into people’s everyday routines, they will become stronger both mentally and physically,” says Macaleer, a former dancer who discovered the practice at 12-years old. “We have an incredibly diverse group of clients from all walks of life and ages, from teens to seniors, and our hope is that we can open their eyes to a sustainable Pilates program that will exist outside of our studio walls. We aim to give them a roadmap for keeping their bodies’ strong over their entire life. As teachers we all work hard to keep synergy for the student.”

Discovered by Joseph Pilates during the eve of the 20th century, Pilates has proven to be a resilient practice that emphasizes alignment and breathing while developing a strong core (abdominals, hips, and low back) and improving coordination and balance. Macaleer and her highly experienced, passionate trainers help clients achieve this through five distinct principles: centering, control, precision, breath and flow. “Pilates helps you to learn how to engage certain muscle groups that may not be firing so the body works evenly and systematically helping to improve balance, flexibility and deep core strength,” she says. “Pilates can be done with no machines and on a mat or on Pilates apparatus.

Aline Pilates offers a full menu of sessions, including tower, reformer and chair-mat based classes, as well as a highly tailored “Wellness Hour” which combines many techniques to help her clients achieve desired results. The studio has also gained prominence for its pre and post-natal programs, which provide exercises to help strengthen the pelvic floor and prepare the body for the stress of labor and recover in its aftermath. “Our focus is to not just give a workout, but to help women gain specific support to offset certain health issues that can come up during pregnancy,” says Macaleer. “We work with women in all their different stages of pregnancy and post,” including consulting with clients’ physical therapists “to make sure we are bringing the most we can to the women during a very special but sometime complicated time.”

Macaleer is not only a trained practitioner, coach and teacher, she is an entrepreneur who is giving voice to female entrepreneurs. “Aline is a woman-owned small business, and it’s important we be a part of our community,” says Macaleer. She recently started a program called “The Parlor Series” which welcomes local residents into the studio for events, talks, complimentary classes and consultations and other community-centric sessions.

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