Heaven by Deborah Mitchell

Celebrity aesthetician Deborah Mitchell has earned global fame as the genius behind the Bee Venom facial, as well as the inventor of the Heaven by Deborah Mitchell beauty line, an all- natural organic range of products specially formulated for your skin and body. Mitchell, who learned her craft in a London health club, has gone on to become one of the world’s most famous beauty gurus. Drawing on her 20 years of experience, she is now the most in-demand aesthetician, with a client base that includes celebrities and members of the Royal Family. She has also won more than 25 Stevie Awards, the most prestigious honor in the skin and body care world, for her invention of Abeetoxin, the serum at the core of her creations. She was recently featured in Town & Country magazine.

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A Q&A with Deborah Mitchell, the creator

Question: How do you describe Heaven?

Deborah: We are a results-driven organic based skincare range. I started inventing products when I was 24 after working a salon and saw there were so few products to that would help my clients. I had already taken a beauty course and knew how to create formulas. But it was really when I designed the Age Defiance serum with hyaluronic acid that Heaven really caught on. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham found it really useful, as did Duran Duran band member Andy Taylor and his wife Tracy, who both loved it for its anti-aging and spot repair revelation. 

Question: What does the Heaven do better than anyone else?

Deborah: it sounds big headed for being a British brand -- we are not known for over exaggeration – but it’s true: Heaven makes skin look younger, smoother and more perfect in one treatment or application. It's rare any product range could say the same.

Q: You’ve talked about your skin issues growing up. What kind of effect did that have on you, and how has that influenced Heaven?

Deborah: I had very bad acne as a teenager. I’d tried everything to stop the spots and black heads, from tooth paste to nail varnish remover. Most 13 and 14-year-olds believe oily spotty skin needed drying out. I was no exception. Luckily for me, when I trained in beauty, we learned the opposite. Ten years later I created my moisturizer, which was the key. It prevented and eliminated spots and made you look younger.

 Q: You are world famous for creating the “Bee Venom” serum, which celebrities love and use. How did you come up with that?

Deborah: If you’ve ever tried a bee venom mask you will know it’s one cream that totally transforms your skin, similar to injectables such as Botox. The skin believes it’s been stung so the muscles and lines relax. The bee venom does not leave your face and puts the skin goes into survival mode. This triggers anti-aging collagens and elastin, which are the pillars that hold the answer to youth full glow. When you go to the gym, you make your body stronger. If you do it enough, you’ll see improvements. It’s the same for the skin, which is why the bee venom, in the form of my patented Abeetoxin, is so effect. It’s a miracle cream – you don’t need to buy moisturizer or skin cream. The venom is a re-boost. It’s all the power you need.

 Q: What are the most common issues people confront with skin care?

Deborah: There are actually six common skin issues: 1) oily and black heads 2) acne, lines and slacking skin 3) dry skin 4) red veins 5) Eczema 6) psoriasis. My Bee Venom Mask works for all of these. That’s why so many people love it. It’s also the most copied product in the world now, which I take this as a massive compliment.

Q: What is one ingredient that everyone must use?

Deborah: My two favorites are Abeetoxin, which I invented, and hyaluronic acid  

Q: How do you decide what products to launch?

Deborah: I’m an inventor -- I only launch new products that are exceptional and better than anything I find on the market. They have to give you the results immediately.

Q: What are the trends in skincare? What is most popular?

Deborah: Skin care companies do tend to watch others, so they are not so original these days. However, one of my new inventions is prism technology, which helps create peptides to release collagen in the skin. It’s a great addition to my Age Defiance cream. It takes negatives like light from computers and the sun and turns it into anti-aging properties.

Q: Vanity Fair wrote about Camilla and credited her amazing skin to you. What is her skin regimen like?

Deborah: I still prefer not to comment on my clients. I have worked with royals and celebrities, but I don’t talk about them. However, one product everyone asks for is the Bee Sting Kit, which includes a cleanser, bee polish, orange flower, age defiance overnight success and bee venom mask.