We provide customized, bespoke-style PR strategies and execution to talents and brands in lifestyle, fashion, beauty, the arts, pursuits, and start-ups.

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360bespoke is a New York-based agency offering clients in the luxury space a full perspective to their media needs. We deliver results with a deep understanding and experience in many disciplines and connect all avenues back to clients’ goals and missions.

What we do
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Public Relations

Through extensive experience and broad expertise, we always offer the highest quality with the best possible performance.

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Creative Content

Several years in the industry have given us invaluable knowledge in the field that we focus on.

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Corporate Communications

360bespoke also offers comprehensive media relations capabilities for companies big and small.

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Brand Awareness

Gain a lot for your money. We offer sustainable services at competitive prices. We always guarantee a good quality.

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Projects in beauty, lifestyle, fashion and other sectors
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The Ultimate Brand Neighborhood

Join the stellar collection of artists, fashion and beauty brands, lifestyle pursuits and cutting-edge start-ups who represent best in class.


360bespoke represents the finest talents, brands, pursuits, lifestyle fashion, beauty, and the arts.

360 bespoke

Shaping images and presentations through smart media strategies

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Our Mission

Simple. Smart. Successful.

360bespoke excels in a fast-paced media environment by turning down the noise and identifying what clients really need without excess. We craft customized, focused messages that will most resonate with desired audiences. Why throw everything against the wall when it might hit the Monet?

Home for global luxury brands and talent looking for 360 perspective on media needs.

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