Two of Wands

Alexa Tavel, 30, is the founder and president of Two of Wands, one of the fastest growing knitting companies in the world. Her designs -- for body, home and decor -- are much sought after by international clients, celebrities, taste makers and discerning buyers across the US. Every piece is handmade by Tavel and her group of artisans  whose passion for the craft dates back generations. With up to 15 hours work put into every item -- whether it is a scarf, sweater or blanket -- Two of Wands approaches every project as a piece of art: impeccable, memorable and last-able. 

"Artistry knows no bounds,” says Tavel. "For some, it's performing music. Singing an opera. Writing a book. For me, it has to be tactile. I like being able to make something you can touch, feel, smell. Knitting has always appealed to me because it's a craft with so much emotion. Every piece I do is handmade.. You put your heart into it, and it gives me such pride that someone is wearing the scarf I'be made, or sleeping on a blanket. Every piece I do is made with love, and it's hard to part with them when I've finished!


Morgan Matthews/