Trina Merry is an acclaimed body painter known internationally for camouflaging people into environments and making living sculptures out of multiple bodies, then photographing her creations. Through her work, she has raised the profile of the medium to a fine art as she is exhibited in prestigious galleries, museums and showrooms across the globe, including the Whitney Museum of American Art’s Biennial. Merry’s work is currently being showcased in Gallarus Arts’ “Speaking Out: Art in the Time of Upheaval” exhibition, and will also be participating in the 2018 Super Fine Art Fair this May.  Merry was recently featured at Red Dot Miami and Satellite Art Show during Art Basel week where she presented two of her series — "Lust of Currency," which examines the art economy and our image appropriated society by camouflaging living models into 20 of the most expensive paintings ever sold; and "Happy Little Trees" where, following the inauguration and all the chaotic social media chatter, she turned to the most peaceful man she could imagine — legendary artist Bob Ross — and painted along with him on human canvases as she watched all 52 of his “Joy of Painting” episodes. Merry discovered the craft unexpectedly – she was struck by lightning while driving in Los Angeles and developed a severe sensitivity to electricity and power grids. She moved to Yosemite National Park, where she began to bodypaint, inspired by the work of artists like Yves Klein, Yayoi Kusama and Verushka. Merry then began studying with acclaimed talents Robert Wilson and Marina Abramovic as a Watermill Center Summer Participant, where she created five living bodypaint installations on site. She also studied drawing and painting with Alex and Allyson Grey and was a bodypaint apprentice with Craig Tracy, judge for the TV show “Skin Wars”.