Ninety-one percent of funeral homes and crematories across the country have never posted their prices online. Now there is a platform that has the prices and more: Funeralocity.com is a free comparison website offering users the largest search results of prices and locations of funeral homes and cremation providers in the US. Whether you are arranging an imminent service for a loved one or a future one for yourself, Funeralocity.com is an invaluable resource with its independently compiled and up-to-date information for the top 100+ metro areas in the country. With a simple search, you can find options in all 50 states.

“Planning a funeral is one of the most sensitive, emotional times in a person’s life, and Funeralocity.com is a tool that makes the experience less painful,” says Ed Michael Reggie, the site’s founder. “We offer the largest and most up-to-date set of prices for funeral homes and crematories that users can search in the privacy of their homes. Often, people planning services are not in the location of their loved one, so finding a funeral home from afar can be a daunting process. Funeralocity.com makes it easier.”

“We are bringing transparency to the funeral business,” Reggie continues.  “People planning services are often doing it for the first time and don’t know where to begin. Funeralocity.com is the place to compare all options in one place.”

Additionally, the site includes a special designation of “Excellence Provider” that indicates a fully-vetted funeral home that meets the site’s exacting standards. The criteria for accepting a funeral provider that applies for this designation include confirming licenses, and government standards compliance and requiring adherence to Funeralocity.com’s Excellence pledge.

“Distinguishing the most qualified funeral homes is key to the mission of Funeralocity.com,” Reggie noted. “We already furnish the most up-to-date pricing and information, but pointing consumers to the very best providers is a core objective of our business. Our ‘Excellence Providers’ are funeral homes and crematories that meet our very strict criteria and pledge to continue to offer those services that have made them the most reputable in their communities.”

The pledge includes a commitment to:

v Maintain strict compliance with the letter and spirit of all laws and regulations that impact the funeral consumer, the funeral profession, and public health

v Serve families in a professional and caring manner, be respectful of their wishes and confidences, honest and fair in all dealings with them, and considerate of those of limited means

v Carry out all aspects of services in a competent and respectful manner

v Refrain from engaging in any unprofessional conduct to deceive, defraud, or harm the public or the families being served

v Refrain from engaging in false or misleading advertising

v Maintain active community involvement and outreach

v Protect confidential information pertaining to the deceased or the family of the deceased from disclosure in compliance with all laws and regulations

v Charge families based upon its General Price List posted on Funeralocity.com;

v List the name of the Funeral Director in Full and Continuous Charge (“FDFCC”) on the funeral home’s profile on Funeralocity.com

v Provide to Funeralocity.com families a complete and clear itemized list of charges for services, facilities, equipment, merchandise607 and cash advanced items, and agree not to make any additional charges without their approval

v Inform Funeralocity.com within thirty (30) days of any action taken against the funeral home(s) or funeral home director(s) by any governmental or regulatory agencies

v Report any changes in license status to Funeralocity.com at funeralhomes@Funeralocity.com within ten (10) days of said change

Funeral homes and cremation providers that meet the site’s criteria and take the pledge are able to feature more detailed service information as well as reviews, photos, videos and testimonials on Funeralocity.com.

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Q&A with Ed Michael Reggie, founder of Funeralocity.com

Question: What is Funeralocity.com?
Ed Michael: We are a free comparison website that lists prices, locations and contact information for more than 2,000 funeral homes and crematories in the US. Ninety-one percent of homes do not list their prices. With our platform, you can find the most up-to-date costs for nearly every home in the country. So, whether you are planning your own funeral or for a family member, you now have a resource that can provide you all the information you need with a simple search.

Q: Why is this needed?
Ed Michael: Planning a funeral is something you will do once or maybe twice in your lifetime. It’s not a common event. And so, people are naturally inexperienced in this regard. And often times they live far away from their loved ones. Funeralocity.com is a website that makes this process easier. You can search funeral homes in any geographic area, compare prices and find the appropriate contacts from the privacy of your own home, no matter where you live.

Q: What are the challenges in this marketplace?
Ed Michael: It’s a fragmented industry. The majority of funeral homes and cremation providers in the US are 85 percent mom and pop opened and very much rooted in their local communities but not wider areas or networks. It’s a scattered marketplace. Funeralocity.com is a one-stop destination that can connect users to thousands of funeral homes across the country.


Q: What standards will you apply to funeral homes being listed on Funeralocity.com?
Ed Michael: Our aim is to list every funeral home, but we are putting an emphasis on those that meet our criteria to be “Excellence Providers.” This is a distinction they earn after applying, undergoing a quality-control review and taking a pledge of transparency and abiding by best practices established by the industry. Being an “Excellence Provider” enables homes to add photos, videos and testimonials to their profiles, as well as attributes that set them apart from their competitors. Those homes that choose not to apply, or don’t meet our standards, are simply listed with an address, Google map and price list.