Sasha Siem is a singer, song writer and cellist whose music and voice have been hailed as “contagious and affecting,” drawing comparisons to “a rhapsodic Fiona Apple-meets-Joanna Newsom” (Stereogum) and “an uptown fusion of Bjork, The Raincoats and the Cosmopolitan letters page.” Blending the genres of pop, alternative and slight notes of jazz, the British-Norwegian musician has infused her music with spirituality, healing and soul since she began performing as a child. She is now gearing up to release her third album, Holy, in April 2019 which follow her two previous works Most of the Boys and Bird Burning. Sasha was born in London, but recently spent several years living in Brooklyn with her family while writing and recording the Holy album. A graduate of University of Cambridge, Sasha later received a Ph.D. in music and poetry from Harvard University. Since then she has been commissioned to write works for opera houses and orchestras including the London Symphony and Royal Opera House while beginning her solo music career. She recently launched a new record label Tiferet, which she describes as “an artists-for-artists label with a big social change aspect.” Slated to launch in 2019, the label will offer the opportunity to combine music with a message. “Our ethos is to use our music to harmonize the planet from the micro to the macro,” she explains. “We use the music as a tool to create social impact.”