Cable Neuhaus has spent the better part of his career creating, editing, and writing for more than a dozen major U.S. magazines.  He is perhaps best known for his critical (and amusing) takes on fame and pop culture. A onetime member of Penn State University's English and journalism faculties, Neuhaus left academia to join Time Inc., where he helped take People magazine to an unexpectedly spectacular success following its launch.  Not long after, he was named its Boston Bureau Chief.  A decade later, Neuhaus moved on to Entertainment Weekly magazine, where he served in the critical roles of Los Angeles Bureau Chief and, subsequently, its New York-based general editor. He has also been a columnist for eight print and digital brands. Currently, he writes the "Modern Magazinist" column for Folio: and the "American Pop" column for The Saturday Evening Post.  He was the Huffington Post's first media reporter, beginning on the day of its introduction.