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Sound Sanctum Records is a new label being launched by singer, song writer and cellist Sasha Siem that debuted this year (Billboard). The label’s first album, Holy by Siem, will debut in June on digital platforms around the world, including Spotify, YouTube, social media, as well as on traditional radio.

Question: What is the purpose of Sound Sanctum?

Sasha: Sound Sanctum Records is an ‘artist for artists’ record label founded by women. The company is dedicated to the empowerment (spiritual and material) of its artists - each of whom owns a share of the company and contributes to a global community of artists dedicated to social change and applying their music to build a ‘harmonious world’. The Label has its own foundation - which uses sound and music for healing - and all the artists contribute their time and 10% of their income to a charitable project they are passionate about and personally select. 

Question: What is unique to Sound Sanctum?

Sasha: Much of our music is recorded at 432Hz as opposed to the 440Hz typical of western tuning. Researchers have found evidence that 432Hz tuning system produces a more meditative state and helps with bringing healing and balance to the body. Along with other tuning systems (528Hz and 442Hz etc.) 432Hz has been referred to as the ‘Love Frequency,’ a term coined by Dr Leonard Horowitz. But awareness of the healing power of various differing tuning systems goes way back at least to Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece - where Pythagorus explored ‘the Music of the Spheres’. In 1885 the Italian composer Guiseppe Verdi lobbied the Music Commission of the Italian Government to ‘lower the tuning fork’ to 432Hz.  

Question: What other artists have been signed to Sound Sanctum?

Sasha: Sound Sanctum will feature artists from a variety of musical genres, but we have not announced any yet, aside from me.  But the artists on Sound Sanctum on the label for their excellence and mastery regardless of the style of their music (pop / classical / world) but also for their social conscience and desire to create positive impact globally with their music. 

Question: How do you plan to launch?

Sasha: We are beginning with my new album, Holy, which I like to think of as an arms-wide-open embrace-all album. It’s about the collective experience - the things that make us human, the aspects of our society that unite us. You are going to hear a mix of genres, messages and musical influences. It’s definitely my most daring, reflective work. My first album, Most of the Boys, was written from the vantage point of ‘me’ - one individual persona: a young woman coming of age, wanting to believe in love and failing at it over and over again. And my second, Bird Burning, was a story about a couple and the dynamic between the two. Holy completes a cycle of expansion I wanted to create – from ‘me’ to ‘we.’”