Bertil Espegren

Bertil Espegren left his native Norway at age 17 and became one of the world’s best-known male models and burgeoning curator of 20th-century furniture and art, a hobby he developed throughout his travels across the globe. His namesake gallery, Bertil Bernhardt Design & Art Gallery, located in Miami’s MIMO District, features many of his items, from antiques to art, all which reflect his taste — eclectic, whimsical, classic and functional. No two pieces are alike. Throughout his career, Espegren has lived in Milan, Paris, New York City and San Francisco. He currently splits his time between Miami Beach, New York City, Guatemala and Taos, New Mexico. Espegren is also the founding partner of, a travel company that offers first-class expeditions and cultural journeys to the most hidden pearls of Guatemala.